Texture Lights
Designed, modelled, rendered

In brief

Three lights, each designed by a different member of our team.

In detail

Texture light is an in-house project that challenged each member of our team to design, build and render a practicable light. Limited only by a material choice of either wood, glass or ceramic each designer had to capitalise on the physical and optical properties of the material whilst being mindful of real world manufacturing techniques. The designers then created a film to showcase their design. The three light designs demonstrate a breadth of skills and celebrate the individuality across our team.

Ceramic Pendants
Alec’s family of three ceramic light fittings have a handmade aesthetic balanced against a beautifully machined brass top. The uneven bumpy surface shifts and warps throughout the film, refracting the warm light through the glazed ceramic shades.


Wood Pendant
Jodie’s pendant light is made up from steam bent oak strips that are secured at the top and bottom with delicate brass pins. The film shows the strips twisting together to form the elegant spherical silhouette that encapsulate the bulb and create a warm glow on the inside faces of the wood.


Glass Pendant
Graham’s pendant light is hand blown from one large piece of crystal glass. Its elegant form refracts light, distorting and abstracting the world around it. As the fixture rotates the rays of light passing through change direction, amplified by the thickness and form of the glass.