Wave Optics
Future vision of tech

In brief

CG renders showcasing Wave Optics cutting edge tiny-tech.

In detail

Wave Optics are a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of the augmented reality hardware found in smart glasses. The challenge faced by Wave Optics was how to illustrate these extremely small, highly detailed and very unfamiliar looking products, something that they had shied away from before talking to us. Wave optics customers are knowledgeable and demanding so we devised a way to hero each product without dumbing down any of the tech. We were also able to showcase products while they were still in development prior to launch, something that the team at Wave Optics had not previously been able to do. The result is a series of intruiging and appealing product shots that Wave Optics can be proud of.


Anywhere, everywhere
The final images reveal the products in a way that was previously impossible to achieve in photogaphy making it easier for the customer to understand what they are buying.