3D iconography film

In brief

"Bring our brand value icons to life" – Strategy, Emotion, Craft and Impact.

In detail

Toucan Agency contacted me to discuss 3D 'living iconography' to represent their new brand values in a unique and engaging way. I’m fascinated by how 2D graphics can translate into a 3D world, so I was immediately interested.

Toucan – The Strategic Storytelling Consultancy is promoting its service offering – a formula to ensure each client's project delivers maximum impact. To amplify the narrative, they asked us to deliver four 3D icons that visually exhibit the formula's voice, personality and beliefs.


To achieve this, we imagined the icons as three-dimensional moving forms that would capture the spirit of each brand value. We wanted the icons to have a sculptural quality that celebrated the values they represent while also mimicking the 2D iconography. To enhance the overall effect, we developed a suite of bespoke materials that are applied consistently across the set.


Each icon was given a distinct personality through its elegant, purposeful movement. For example, the Strategy icon is analytical and engineered, while the Emotion icon is bursting with energy and magic. The Craft icon features floral patterns that reveal a kaleidoscope of colours, while the Impact icon is a powerful, orange-glowing force with a blue, pink and green core.

brand space
To showcase the icons in a Brand Film, we designed a 'brand space' with carefully considered finishes, fittings, and lighting. To create maximum intrigue, we choreographed a virtual dance where the forms slowly reveal themselves before converging into the final lineup.


behind the scenes
Thank you to the team that came together for Eskimo Square and the support from the Toucan team. The project was not only great fun, but it also generated a wealth of creative output.

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