Bulk Powders
Digitise a product line

In brief

Our digitised virtual stockroom is used to create clean and consistent e‑commerce shots and art directed campaign imagery.

In detail

Bulk create fitness nutrition products. In 2021 the company rebranded and redesigned its packaging. Faced with inconsistent e‑commerce photography and a volume of new products running into hundred’s, Bulk consulted with Eskimo Square and commissioned us to create CG visuals of its entire SKU catalogue.

Referring to real world samples we created accurate models of each product type and set up a production line that enabled us to quickly render hundreds of consistent and repeatable pack shots. Impressed with our e‑commerce shots Bulk asked us to create art directed campaign imagery to coincide with the new brand launch and seasonal promotions.


Virtual Stockroom
The result is an eCommerce site that feels cleaner and more consistent than its predecessor and delivers a better user experience as customers cycle through product variants. Bulk can add to the SKU renders at any time safe in the knowledge that new renders will match those that have gone before.