Bormioli Pharma Logo
Crafting a 3D logo

In brief

Crafting a 3D logo that represents Bormioli’s new brand and mission.

In detail

We collaborated with Venture 3 to explore how the Bormioli B symbol could be formed as a 3D object that evoked the brand mission; ‘small things make big things possible’. The design intent was a 3D form that when viewed from the front perfectly describes the graphic symbol but when viewed from any other angle reveals intriguing and unexpected forms that look different from every angle.

It is a mix of hard engineered edges and soft flowing faces that reflect Bormioli's passion for engineering twinned with a human patient focus.


Care and Love
We hand crafted the logo to get the shape just right prior to lighting it to achieve the correct look and feel. The final ‘heart’ is a visual expression the companies mission. We supplied a versatile 3D asset for the brand identity that can be used across the to create beautiful graphic backgrounds, inform architecture and used in bespoke large scale installations.